Taekwon-Do & Karate Adult Classes

Taekwondo & Karate Adult Classes

From the young, to the young-at-heart… Simcoe Martial Arts believes dedication yields results.

Students whom dedicate themselves to our training should expect to see: improved strength, cardiovascular endurance, control of daily stress, weight management, and increased flexibility.

If you’re looking for a new challenge, or bored of your current, redundant physical routine, consider mixing it up with Simcoe Martial Arts!

No Risk Trial With The Number 1 Studio In Simcoe!

Best of all, there’s absolutely no risk; you can try a complimentary class… But be prepared to love it!

We’re Simcoe’s only dedicated, full-time martial art studio!

For ages 13 years and up, beginners to advanced. This is not an activity this is a “life style” of physical activity, a sense of well being and true self defence Taekwon-Do was developed for the Korean army. And means “THE ART OF THE HAND AND FOOT” and we offer sport Karate for competitions. And of course the tenets, friendly family atmosphere.

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